Andy Cohen Dumps Fame-Hungry Boy Toy!

Andy Cohen is single and ready to mingle! The Watch What Happens Live host has dumped his 28-year-old boyfriend after realizing he was just in it for the fame!

Sources close to the Bravo exec say the much younger bf Clifton Dassuncao wanted more than what Andy was willing to give.

Andy Cohen Dumps Fame-Hungry Boy Toy!

“His boyfriend wanted to attend the MET ball with Andy and Sarah Jessica Parker and that was the last straw,” an insider reveals.

“He is happy to expose the life of his A-list friends, but if he thinks for one second that anyone is using him to get famous, he dumps them.”

But Andy’s fear of being used isn’t the only reason he can’t hold down a relationship, apparently the 47-year-old doesn’t like to share the spotlight.

“Andy cannot love anything but fame,” the source said. “The couple split shortly after it was exposed that Andy was dating. He refuses to share the spotlight with anyone that isn’t a bigger star than himself.

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Since the break up, Andy has sought the comfort of good friend Anderson Cooper.

There have been rumors of a romance brewing between these two for years, so perhaps Any won’t be on the market for too long.

A rep for Cohen denied the allegations saying, “That is totally made up obviously not a credible source — there is no truth to any of it.”

So what do you guys think? Is Andy too in love with the fame to find love with someone else?

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