Ariel Winter Calls Out Vine Douche Nash Grier!

Modern Family star Ariel Winter has called out Vine douche Nash Grier for being homophobic trash!

The 17-year-old actress held nothing back when she released a statement via Twitter calling out Grier for his casual racism, sexism and use of the word “Fag.”

Ariel Winter Calls Out Vine Douche Nash Grier!

It all started when Winter responded to Grier’s tweet which asked fans to post their favorite video of him using the hashtag #FavNashVid.

She tweeted, “#FavNashVid that one time when he was just super homophobic and ignorant? #whydoyouhavefans”

Ariel is obviously referring to the video Grier posted in which he responds to an ad for HIV testing that said getting tested “is not a gay thing,” by yelling “Yes it is, FAG!”

She followed up her tweet with a lengthy statement (see full statement at bottom)…

“Your homophobic video that you made when you were 14 was not the only time you spouted homophobic slurs. Your twitter was full of them before you posted the video AND after!”

“I also don’t buy that you were young and didn’t understand the impact of your words. We live in America, not under a rock. You and I are fortunate enough to have access to television, the Internet, magazines, etc. that daily stress to us the importance of social and racial tolerance.”

“I remember seeing this stuff before I was 14. When we were 14, teenagers were committing suicide from comments like yours.”

“You only apologized for that video and stopped using that phrase after it started affecting your pocketbook and chipping away at your fame … So, no, I don’t believe your views have changed. I just believe your forum for spouting them has changed.”

Grier responded the next day, tweeting, “Sorry, I just saw this! I would LOVE to talk you & explain why your opinion about others opinions are far from reality. DMs?”

Winter shut him down, tweeting, “lol I’m good”

The full statement:

Ariel Winter Calls Out Vine Douche Nash Grier!

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