Azealia Banks ARRESTED For Assault!

She’s at it again! Habitual dumb ass Azealia Banks was thrown behind bars early Wednesday morning after physically assaulting a female security guard at a club!

It all went down at New York hotspot Up&Down, where the rapper was trying to attend a party she wasn’t invited to.

Azealia Banks ARRESTED For Assault!

Eyewitnesses say Banks arrived to the club alongside a friend who apparently was invite to the private party being thrown for one of the club owners, Ronnie Madra.

“It was an invite-only party,” reveals a witness. “You needed a stamp to get in.”

When she tried to enter the party downstairs, she was told to go back up stairs to get a stamp… that’s when Azealia threw a fit.

“There was a female security guard and a male guard,” a source said, adding they “didn’t recognize Banks.”

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They say Azealia began “screaming at the top of her lungs, cursing” and using racial slurs.

Eventually one of the club owners saw what was going on and told the guards just to let her in, but “once she was 15 feet inside she starts to curse at the guards again, explaining who she was, that she’s on Rihanna’s album.”

Oh, well there you go Rihanna fans. There’s some news to tide you over while you wait another decade for the R8 album.

Security approached the 24-year-old around 12:30 AM and that’s when she allegedly “spit in the [female bouncer’s] face!”

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As they tossed her ass out, sources say she started “biting the [female guard] in the breast, almost breaking her shirt!”

Then when she was finally out of the club she began screaming “I’m gonna call the cops,” as she ran up to a NYPD Traffic Enforcement car.

Witnesses say that she then returned to the club with the cops and out of nowhere punched the female bouncer! The police then detained the crazy bitch and put her in handcuffs.

“Why are you arresting me,” Azealia began yelling like the dumb as she is.

Law Enforcement says she was taken to the Sixth Precinct on a misdemeanor, third-degree assault and was held there until Wednesday evening for an evaluation.

What a Hot Mess.

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