Azealia Banks Investigated For Criminal Battery (Video)

In Not-So-Breaking News: Azealia Banks is a shitty person… That is all.

Okay no, no that’s not all. Brokes Banks is currently at the center of a criminal investigation for allegedly beating up a security guard after her ass was asked to leave a club.

Azealia Banks Investigated For Criminal Battery (Video)

It all went down late last month when Banks and her friends were hanging out at Break Room 86 in Los Angeles.

According to reports, Azealia was getting way too crazy in the club and security wasn’t having. When they asked her to leave Banks allegedly exploded and as she was being escorted out she tried to pull the fire alarm!

What, are you in fifth grade? Dumb ass.

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Luckily the security guard stopped Azealia, but he was then attacked by members of her crew… and of course Banks herself.

The LAPD has officially opened a criminal battery investigation… I wonder if this is the “work” she was talking about when she cancelled her “tour” this week.

Check out the video below…

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