Blind Item: Lies & Hip Hop (Exclusive)

Blind Item: Lies & Hip Hop (Exclusive)This “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” star is totally FAKING it to be on the show!

As with many of his co-stars, one of this rapper/producer’s major storylines this season will be his relationship… but, the relationship is a complete sham.

The person he claims to be in love with is actually in a full-on relationship with someone else, out of the spotlight!

Perhaps that’s why things between these two are so rocky… it’s definitely NOT because the “drama” they are trying to sell for the cameras!

While the couple will surely drum up some ratings for the show, it will be interesting to see how long they and the producers can keep up this facade.

The relationship, the drama, the personal and family issues: All fake.

Head over to the comment section below to tell us your guesses…

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