Blind Items: Let’s Guess, Shall We?

Here’s this week’s JUICIEST Blind Items from around the web! Let’s guess who these mystery celebs might be, shall we?

Blind Items: Let's Guess, Shall We?

Blind Item: Our sexy TV actress seems to have quickly rebounded from a bitter breakup with her longtime beau. But her new hunky man isn’t as perfect as she wants us to believe. The problem: he has the body of a Greek God, but between the sheets, his personal equipment is only so-so. What’s a girl to do? Behind his back this actress is still shacking up with her well endowed ex. (Blind Gossip)

My Guess: So I’m going to give this one to everyone’s favorite PR stunt couple, Sophia Vergara (sexy TV actress) and her new lovahhh Joe Manganiello (Greek God). This means that Sophia is back to boning her ex Nick Loeb on the side and apparently he’s packing heat. Joe, on the other hand, definitely seems to be using his super ripped body to compensate for his lackluster downstairs. Okay so I know what you’re thinking, this couple is faker than Sophia’s accent, why would they even sleep together in the first place? Well I don’t know guys, people in Hollywood are horny.


Blind Item: This reality husband will do anything to keep his reality wife on the show. He’s supposedly heterosexual but kisses up to gay production workers to maintain his wife’s placement on the show. He’s known to dance shirtless with gay production workers and allow them to do shots off his stomach. This reality star suffers from a Napoleon complex but that doesn’t stop him from being the boss! (All About The Tea)

My Guess: So obviously this one could apply to a good amount of desperate reality TV couples, but I’m going to focus on the Real Housewives franchise. My guess for this one is Joe and Melissa Gorga from Real Housewives of New Jersey. Joe’s always down to strip, dance and play dress up so the idea of him playing gay to keep Melissa around isn’t much of a stretch.


Blind Item:Another day, another celebrity sex tape. While the public is talking about who is in it and whether or not they are legally of age, we know what is going on behind the scenes!

First of all, it IS her in the tape, she WAS of legal age, and she KNEW she was being filmed, but she did NOT know that her ex would try to have it released. Secondly, he wants it released, but he does not have her written consent. Yet. Thirdly, he can NOT legally release it without her written consent. U.S. Code § 2257 requires that both performers have to be over the age of 18, and that both have to give their written permission. If he tries to release it – or any part of it – without her written permission, he will GO TO JAIL FOR FIVE YEARS. That is not a guess or a threat. That’s the law.

Finally, if the tape DOES get released through a legitimate outlet, you will know that it is because she DID give her written consent (no matter what she says to the contrary). Her willingness to consent now hinges on some serious calculations: Will this help or hurt my image in the long run? What is the cost to my image versus the possible profit from the tape?

If it would help her image and she would make a huge amount of money from it, it’s a yes. It it would hurt her image a little, but she would make a huge amount of money from it, it’s a maybe. If it would hurt her image and she would not make a huge amount of money from it, it’s a no. (Blind Gossip)

My Guess: This is obviously Iggy Azalea. We wrote about it last week. The interesting part of all of this is whether Iggy will consent or not. I think it’s in her best interest not to sign off on a sex tape. I really don’t think she needs the money and honestly the age of Sex Tape Starlets died years ago. Keep it classy Iggy, keep it classy.

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