Blind Items: Let’s Guess, Shall We?

It’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these, I hope I’m not too rusty! Here’s this week’s JUICIEST Blind Items! Let’s guess who these mystery celebs might be, shall we?

Blind Items: Let's Guess, Shall We?

Blind Item: Just because she was publicly caught for the first time doing something doesn’t mean that it was her first time doing it!

This woman has always had impulse control problems. She also has a long history of taking things that don’t belong to her.

When she was a famous child actress, she regularly got into trouble for stealing. She would cry and beg the store manager not to report her, claiming that it would ruin her career. She would say that she thought someone else had already paid for it, or that someone else had dared her to do it. She was a good little actress – and quite famous at the time – and the store manager didn’t want to be responsible for ruining some famous kid’s life over a $10 pair of earrings. So they simply released her to the custody of her parents. As she was making more money than them at the time – and they could not do anything to her that would interfere with her work – her parents just let it go, too. Without any consequences, the little thief never had reason to stop her behavior.

Her family will say that they are shocked and that this is the first time that something like this has ever happened. They may even try to blame it on need or substance abuse or forgetfulness. However, they all know her history. The little thief has done this many, many times over the years. This is simply the first time she was unable to get away with it. (Blind Gossip)

My Guess: We’re definitely starting with an easy one today! The little thief is so obviously former “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Kim Richards! She was recently arrested for stealing over $600 worth of merchandise from Target and as all of us Housewives fans know, Kim was once a big child star back in the day. The word on the street is that Richards has pretty much hit rock bottom and has been reduced to living out of her car! Let’s hope her family steps in and gets Kim the serious help she so clearly needs!

Blind Item: When you heard that this super-skinny female celebrity was dating this big actor, did you think that it was an odd coupling?

After all, she has always been so body-conscious. Her past beaus tended to be either thin or buff guys. This guy is just so… opposite. Well, you can stop wondering about her motivation!

We found out that she is looking to expand her “brand” to include a healthy men’s line. She wants to dramatically transform the TV actor so she will have a walking advertisement of what her brand can do.

No, we don’t know if he is aware of her plan. (Blind Gossip)

My Guess: Admittedly, it took me a second to figure this one out. But after some deep, personal thought (and a trip to the comment section) it all made perfect sense… Skinny Girl mogul and “Real Housewives of New York City” star Bethenny Frankel! Not only has the Skinny Girl brand exploded all over the country, it’s being reported that Bethenny is dating Modern Family star Eric Stonestreet. It’s true that Stonestreet is definitely not Frankel’s type and I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if Bethenny was planning a healthy men’s line. But would she really use her relationship to advertise her latest Skinny venture? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see…

Blind Item: Let’s talk about this famous couple’s upcoming divorce.

Claiming that the marriage fell apart because he cheated with some girl is a clever way to piggyback onto another divorcing couple’s excuse. To solicit public sympathy over another trusted young female temptress destroying the sanctity of marriage is preferable to admitting the truth.

The truth is that she was in a marriage with a bisexual man whose side pieces were usually male.

It will be very interesting to see if the wife casually mentions any of the husband’s male “friends” in the next few months. We are particularly curious to see if she drops the name of one certain male musician. (Blind Gossip)

My Guess: It pains me to talk about this celebrity break up because I really thought they were the perfect couple, but let’s be real, this item has Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale written all over it! It’s been rumored in the past that Gavin is bisexual and his alleged former gay lover, Marilyn, has come forward to the press before. Although I am pretty certain it was common knowledge that Rossdale was Bi, I thought that was something him and Gwen had already dealt with and moved on from in their relationship. Gwen seems like an open minded kind of lady. I doubt Gwen would “casually mention” the names of Gavin’s side pieces though, like it says in the item. But then again, you never know when it comes to divorce. To be honest, I’m just waiting on her next solo album… chop-chop Gwen!

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