Bruce Jenner Wasn’t Invited To The Kimye Proposal

Bruce Jenner Wasn't Invited To The Kimye ProposalSo awkward! Bruce Jenner wasn’t invited to Kanye West’s over the top proposal to Kim Kardashian!

According to sources, Bruce didn’t even know Kanye was going to pop the question and didn’t find out until afterwards.

It has been reported that Bruce and Kanye haven’t even had one real conversation and that they have only briefly met each other in the past.

Perhaps Bruce just slipped Kanye’s mind while he was planning the huge event at AT&T park.

It’s also speculated that Bruce’s separation from Kris Jenner might have something to do with him not being invited.

Oh, by the way… “Keeping Up With Kardashians” was being filmed during the extravaganza so we’ll be able to see the whole thing within a few months!

In a surprising twist, Bruce did find out the news immediately after the engagement because he was the first person Kim called once she got the ring!

Apparently, this is because Kim considers Bruce to be her father.

Well that was sweet of Kim, but seriously why wasn’t Bruce invited?

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