Caitlyn Jenner Is Going To Be A Mom!?

Is Caitlyn Jenner going to be a mom for the first time!? Sources say the former father of 6 wants a fresh start and plans to give motherhood a shot!

Friends of the 66-year-old are shocked and a bit skeptical, but apparently Caitlyn has a lot of love to give.

Caitlyn Jenner Is Going To Be A Mom!?

“She sees this next year as a whole new start,” reveals a source, “and what better way than to set up a new family?”

Hmmm… Was transitioning into a whole new sex not a fresh enough start?

“She does miss raising kids and says she has so much love to give,” says the insider. “But it’s a sensitive process. Right now she’s consulting with experts and seeing what she needs to do to get things started.”

So will she be adopting domestic or is she going to pull an Angelina Jolie and pick up a kid from another country?

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“Ideally she would find a baby here in the States, but she’s not opposed to adopting from overseas,” continued the insider.

“She’s aware it could take some time, but she definitely wants to be a mom and believes this is the right time in her life to do this.”

I don’t know how I feel about this. I mean, even if Jenner really does want to be a mother, is it really responsible for her to adopt when she’s already well into her 60s?

What do you guys think? Should Caitlyn adopt a child?

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