Calvin Harris Is Coming For Sam Smith

Calvin Harris Is Coming For Sam SmithShade Queen Supreme Calvin Harris is at it again!

This time he’s coming for Sam Smith with a not so flattering drawing of the “Stay With Me” singer.

The 13-year-old 31-year-old DJ shared the mean spirited drawing on Snapchat like a typical bitchy 9th grader would.

And don’t try to tell me “Oh, how do we even know it was mean-spirited? Maybe Calvin’s just not a good drawer.”

Stop it! I’m talking to you Idolator!

We all know Calvin is a bitter bitch that’ll start a fight with a brick wall.

My only question is, why Smith?

From what I know, they don’t have bad blood.

Well, either way Calvin Harris is an douche and what do you do to douches… You shame them.

Here’s a photo of pre-famous Harris in all his snaggle tooth glory.

Calvin Harris Is Coming For Sam Smith

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