Calvin Harris Threatening Lawsuit Over NUDE Photos!

Calvin Harris Threatening Lawsuit Over NUDE Photos!Nude photos of Calvin Harris are currently being shopped around and he is NOT happy about it!

According to reports, someone is trying to sell some nude pics of the famous DJ to different media and porn outlets.

Harris, who just so happens to be the new face and package of Armani underwear, has lawyered up and is threatening to sue anyone that posts the photos.

Apparently, Harris is an avid sexter and has sent a number of naked photos and videos to multiple women.

And as we all should know, when you take naked photos (especially as a celebrity) THEY WILL GET LEAKED!

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Sources who have seen the photos say that not only is Calvin ripped, he’s also totally hung. But the question is, will the photos ever see the light of day?

We’ll for now just have to wait and see, but don’t fret we’ll keep you updated!

Something tells me Rita Ora is behind this one…

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