Calvin Harris Visits Sketchy Thai Massage Parlor

Taylor Swift‘s boyfriend Calvin Harris must really need to release some tension… Yesterday, the millionaire DJ was spotted visiting a sketchy Thai massage parlor where sessions cost only $40 an hour.

Calvin Harris Visits Shady Thai Massage Parlor

Here’s the thing, Taylor’s BF was at the establishment for 2 hours and to top it off, according to Yelp the parlor is known for having the “best happy endings” in Hollywood!

That’s right, if you search “best happy ending” in Hollywood on the site, this place is the first to pop up.

Now I’m not saying Harris enjoyed anything, but a massage yesterday, but it is pretty interesting that a man worth $110 million chose this place to get a rub down.

Well whatever happened, Harris definitely seemed relaxed while exiting the place. You can see photos of the whole thing at Splash News.

Here’s something interesting: For some mysterious reason, both Radar Online and OK! have taken down their posts about Calvin and his trip to the cheap massage parlor.

You can still view photos at Splash News, but apparently SOMEONE doesn’t want the story out there… hm, I wonder who that could be.

Calvin Harris Visits Shady Thai Massage Parlor

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