Channing Tatum Is Writing ‘Magic Mike 2’

Channing Tatum Is Writing 'Magic Mike 2'Ugh… okay ladies (and gentlemen) your prayers have been answered.

Channing Tatum is hard at work writing the follow up to the 2012 hit film, “Magic Mike.”

The actor, writer and former stripper tweeted the announcement saying, “What better way to start writing #MagicMike2 than with my old friend Dallas? #runatribe.”

It’s no wonder Warner Bros. wants a second film, the first “Magic Mike” only cost $7 million to make and made $113.7 million domestically!

Those housewives sure do love their male strippers.

There’s no word on who from the original cast will be returning, but what we do know is that Steven Soderbergh will NOT be coming back to direct due to retirement.

As for Channing, he’s going to need to start working out again if he’s planning on starring in the new film. Recently, he told Ellen Degeneres that he was taking a break from working out and that he was “fat and happy.”

Are you excited to see Magic Mike 2? Who would you want to see return?

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