Chevy Chase Checked Into Rehab!

Chevy Chase has entered rehab! The comedy acting legend is reportedly seeking treatment for an alcohol-related problem.

A rep for Chase has announced that the actor has entered a treatment program just as a “tune-up” and that he just “wants to be the best that he can be.”

Chevy Chase Checked Into Rehab!

Chevy is now an in-patient at Hazelden Addiction Treatment Center in Minnesota, the same facility Robin Williams sought treatment at in 2014.

This “tune-up” follows Chase’s first trip to rehab back in the 80s when he checked into the famous Betty Ford Clinic.

It is unknown how long the 72-year-old actor plans on staying in treatment. He already has two upcoming movies under his belt, both set for release in the near future, so he has plenty of time to relax (and sober up).

Have fun Chevy.

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