Disney’s Billy Unger ARRESTED For DUI

Disney's Billy Unger ARRESTED For DUIDisney sure does have a way of churning out Hot Messes…

In the another case of Mickey related crime, “Lab Rats” star Billy Unger was arrested over the weekend for DUI!

Unger, 18, was pulled over in Malibu for speeding down Pacific Coast Highway.

The police officer suspected Unger had been boozing and gave him the breathalyzer… but he passed!

Wait, so why did he get arrested?

Well ladies and gentlemen, there is the tiny little fact that HE’S ONLY 18 YEARS OLD!!!

Unger reportedly blew a legal 0.8, but in California the law states that if your under 21, any amount of alcohol in your system results in a DUI.

Growing up in the golden state, I always thought this was a standard rule throughout the U.S., but apparently that’s not the case. Cali’s just got a stick up it’s ass for legal drinking.

He was arrested and taken to jail that night, but was later released.

Just in case your keeping count of Disney brand Hot Messes, they include:

Zac Efron, Mitchel Musso, Jake T. Austin, Orlando Brown, Kirsten Storms, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Shia LaBeouf, Lindsay Lohan and now Billy Unger.

Who’s your favorite Disney Hot Mess? Mine is definitely Linds… for entertainment reasons.

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