Drunk Justin Bieber Booted From Mayan Ruins!

Is it too late for him to say sorry? Yes, yes it is… Justin Bieber was kicked out of a Mexican archaeological site yesterday!

Reportedly, Bieber’s drunk ass was spotted pulling his underwear down and trying to climb one of the ancient Mayan ruins!

Drunk Justin Bieber Booted From Mayan Ruins!

The 21-year-old was allegedly first stopped around 4PM when he tried entering the site “under the effects of alcohol” and holding a beer in his hand.

Then sources say Justin’s bodyguards got in a fight with the people running the historical site when they caught the singer stripping down.

But in the end Justin and his goons were booted from the site after Justin drunkenly climbed to the top of an off-limits section of the ancient Mayan Fortress of Tulum and mooned everyone!

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Police were called, but Justin had already left by the time they got there.

“The young man is said to have threatened and insulted the workers and police were even called although their intervention wasn’t finally necessary,” revealed one local source.

Some people never change.

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