First Look: ‘It’ Film’s New Pennywise The Clown (Photo)

Here’s to another generation of nightmares! The first look at the next year’s film adaptation of “Stephen King’s It” has arrived and if you’re afraid of clowns this is NOT the post for you!

This is the first photo of Bill Skarsgard‘s Pennywise the Clown and obviouly it’s pretty terrifying.

First Look: 'It' Film's New Pennywise The Clown (Photo)

For those too young (or too scared) to remember, Pennywise is the infamous embodiment of evil in Stephen King‘s 1986 novel, which became all too real for us in the 1990 miniseries starring Tim Curry as the murderous character.

This time around, “It” is coming to the big screen in 2017 and according to Skarsgard, his character won’t fit the trend of a gritty Heath Ledger-esque clown.

“It’s important that we do something fresh and original for this one. It’s purposely not going toward that weird, greasy look,” Skarsgard tells Entertainment Weekly.

“It’s such an extreme character. It’s beyond even a sociopath, because he’s not even human. He’s not even a clown. I’m playing just one of the beings It creates.”

“It” will creep in to theaters September 8th 2017. Are you brave enough to check “It” out?

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First Look: 'It' Film's New Pennywise The Clown (Photo)

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