French Montana Says He Won’t Sign A Prenup… Run Khloe!

French Montana Says He Won't Sign A Prenup... Run Khloe!Somewhere in Calabasas right now, Kris Jenner is furiously texting her daughter while chugging a glass of Chardonnay…

Khloe Kardashian needs to watch out because he rekindled relationship with French Montana could cost her millions!

Photogs spotted French arriving in LAX yesterday and asked him about his relationship with Kardashian.

One pap asked the question that’s constantly on Kris’ mind every time her daughters starts boning someone new, “Will you sign a prenup?”

French responded with an unapologetic… NO!

Obviously this isn’t going to work because you know there is no way in Hell Momager Kris is going to allow this to happen.

Would you marry someone even if they wouldn’t sign a prenup (if you had money of course)? I see you, gold diggers!

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