Hot Mess Of The Week: Nicole Richie (2003-2007ish)

Do you guys remember Nicole Richie? No, not the corky, purple haired fashionista with her own show on VH1. I’m talking about Nicole Richie (2003-2007ish)… now that bitch was a hot mess!

Hot Mess Of The Week: Nicole Richie (2003-2007ish)

She, along with her fellow rich kid friends, would later be known as the pioneer examples of the term “Famous for being famous.”

Being the adopted daughter of Lionel Richie, Nicole spent her childhood and teen years living the life of luxury without a care in the world. No rules, lots of money and of course a whole lot shenanigans.

But sh*t didn’t really hit the hot mess fan for Nicole until around 2003 when she and her BFF (and sex tape star) Paris Hilton scored their very own reality show, The Simple Life. It was clear that Paris was supposed to be the star, but it was Nicole’s humor and antics that made the show into the classic it became.

Hot Mess Of The Week: Nicole Richie (2003-2007ish)

Sure Paris was taller, thinner and more popular, but Nicole had way less STDs actually had a personality, not a great one, but still she wasn’t afraid to have a good time.

Her style was typical of lazy Hollywood girls at the time. She sported a deep orange tan, trashy highlighted hair and clothes that were comfortable, but oh so unflattering.

Between 2003 and 2007 we saw Nicole go from Paris’ chubby sidekick to Paris’ thinner frienemy. (Rumor has it the two had a faling out after Paris found out Nicole had showed a group of their friends her sex tape! Scando!) You couldn’t go a day without hearing or seeing stories about Nicole, from run-ins with the law to her ever-decreasing weight.

Hot Mess Of The Week: Nicole Richie (2003-2007ish)

Legal Troubles:

– In 2003, Nicole was arrested in Malibu for driving with a revoked license and possession of heroin! Yeah, heroin! She then go on to check herself into rehab.

– This is a good one: In 2006, she was arrested for driving under the influence. She was pulled over after other motorists reported seeing her driving THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION on the freeway! What a mess! She admitted to police that she was drugged up on Vicodin and Marijuana that night.

– In 2007, she was sentenced to 4 days in jail, but was released early due to overcrowding… she served only 82 minutes.

Life would eventually turn around for this hot mess, thanks to some serious lifestyle changes.

She pretty much cut all ties from Paris, presumably quit drugs, got to a healthy weight and later she would date and marry Joel Madden, who she shares two kids with.

Hot Mess Of The Week: Nicole Richie (2003-2007ish)

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