Hottest Celebrity Nude Photos of 2014!

2014 was one hell of a year full of scandals, leaks and of course a bunch of celebrity nudes!

With the mass hacking of Celebrity iCloud accounts a number of ladies (and a few guys) in Hollywood we’re exposed for the whole internet to see!.

celebrity nude photos 2

And of course there were a few celebs that took the flashing into their own hands… Cough-cough Kim Kardashian!

So whether it was a leak, a nude scene or just a scandalous selfie, we’ve compiled a list of all the hottest celebrity nude photos of 2014!

Enjoy and don’t forget to clear your history 😉

Vicki Gunvalson:

Vicki Gunvalson Nude

This Real Housewife of Orange County star learned the hard way that plastic reflects this year. After posting a photo, thanking Bravo for some Beats headphones they had gifted her the reality star was shocked to find out her bare breast were on full display for the world to see! See the NSFW PHOTO HERE!

Miley Cyrus:

Miley Cyrus Nude

There is very little of the Bangerz singer that we did not see in 2014, but most recently Cyrus has been posting topless photos of herself as art of the #FreeTheNipple campaign on Instagram. The campaign is trying to force the social networking site to allow bare breasts to be posted without censorship. Check out the UNCENSORED PHOTO HERE!

Kevin Federline:

Kevin federline Nude

Don’t worry, you haven’t traveled back in time! It’s not 2007! Britney Spears’ ex-husband Kevin Federline was back in the headlines (briefly) this year when an alleged nude photo was leaked online. The photo depicts a man (supposedly KFed) showing off his junk on what was probably a web cam. Federline denies the photo is him, stating that his manhood is even bigger. We’ll let you be the judge, check out the UNCENSORED PHOTO HERE!

Kim Kardashian:

Kim Kardashian Nude

As if we haven’t already seen all of Kim Kardashian’s naked body at every angle possible… The reality star bared it all this year for Paper Magazine as a part of the publications publicity moved to #BreakTheInternet. Kim’s oiled up bodayyy lead to a number of hilarious copycats and memes, but you can view the UNCENSORED PHOTOS HERE!

Nick Hogan:

Nick Hogan Nude

Here’s another blast from the past! Nick Hogan, son of famed wrestler Hulk Hogan, was one of the few male victims of the Celebrity Hacking Scandal. The hackers were able to steal Hogan’s entire photo library and leaked them online, revealing some very explicit images not only of himself, but of former girlfriends and even his thong-sporting mother! Obviously he denies the dick pic is his, but there’s no denying Linda Hogan’s embarrassing pic! Check out the UNCENSORED PHOTOS HERE!

Cara Delevingne:

Cara Delevigne Nude

Fashion’s latest it girl, Cara Delevingne, seems to be everywhere nowadays! Whether it’s in a fashion magazine, a billboard, a music video or even movies, this girl is being seen! Due to the nature of the fashion industry, the 22-year-old is sometimes seen in various degrees of undress. But it was her “flashy” nude on twitter that had everyone clicking! Check out the NSFW PHOTO HERE!


Drake Nude

Poor Wheelchair Jimmy Drake. First a story hit the web detailing a one night stand he had with a woman who claims he loves rim jobs, then a photo of the rapper’s alleged penis was leaked! Drake’s face doesn’t actually appear in the screenshot photo, but MediaTakeOut (I know, I know) says they are certain that the phone number from the texts belongs to the rapper. You be the judge, check out the UNCENSORED PHOTO HERE!

Kathy Griffin:

Kathy Griffin Nude

Oh Kathy Griffin, you are one funny lady… but with that being said, get a tan! The comedienne showed off her super pale, naked bodayyy for a photo shoot with Tyler Shields and sent the internet ablaze with her fiery red hair… on her head of course. Not bad for 53-years-old Kathy! Check out the UNCENSORED PHOTOS HERE!


Rihanna Nude

Rihanna went nude again… nothing new and yes she looks amazing. Enjoy the UNCENSORED PHOTOS HERE!

Alexander Skarsgard:

Alexander Skarsgard Nude

True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgard is no stranger to being in the buff, but early in 2014 the actor showed us that being naked isn’t always hot! No but literally, there is nothing hot about this photo! Not only is he sitting on a makeshift toilet, he’s in the middle of a barren snow-covered wasteland a.k.a. the South Pole! See the UNCENSORED PHOTO HERE!


Madonna Nude

WARNING: NOT FOR THE EASILY DISTURBED! Even at 56 years old, Madonna is still showing off her nipples! The performer showed off her heavily photoshopped and slightly purple areolas for Interview Magazine in 2014. Everyone’s entitled to a good scare, so if you dare check out the UNCENSORED PHOTO HERE!

Zac Efron:

Zac Efron Nude 2

Despite reports of drug abuse, rehab and getting punched by a hobo on Skid Row while trying to buy “Chinese Food,” Efron had a pretty solid year. Thanks to one of the best damage control PR teams Hollywood can buy, the actor was able to turn 2014 around by showing off his ripped body! Efron even went fully nude (kind of) in his film “That Awkward Moment” in a scene where his character must overcome the obstacle of peeing with a boner. Check out the UNCENSORED PHOTO HERE!

Matt Smith:

Matt Smith Nude

Dr. Who’s Matt Smith was yet another one of the few male victims of the Celebrity Hacking Scandal. You may not know him unless your from the U.K. or a total Dr. Who nerd, but oooh this was and continues to be a big traffic draw for us! The leaked photos show Smith with his former girlfriend nude and getting kinky! Check out the UNCENSORED PHOTOS HERE!

Chelsea Handler:

Chelsea Handler Nude

Chelsea Handler has no shame… and that’s why we love her! The funny lady was in a constant war with Instagram over what she could and could not post after the social networking app removed a photo of Handler’s breasts. But that didn’t stop Chelsea who later went on to post another photo which was later removed as well. Don’t fret though because we have the photos! Check out the UNCENSORED PHOTOS HERE!

Jennifer Lawrence:

Jennifer Lawrence

2014 was a crazy ass year! Even America’s Sweetheart Jennifer Lawrence couldn’t escape the scandal of the 2014 Hackers! When the Hunger Games star’s nude photos leaked online the whole world exploded with anger, shock and curiosity! Of course Lawrence’s lawyers where on that shit like flies on… well, shit. Anyways, that’s why we don’t have the UNCENSORED photos anymore, but hey you’re on the internet just Google it and it’ll come up somewhere.

Well that’s it folks! Let’s all hope for a happy and healthy New Year filled with more scandalous celebrity nudes!

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