Iggy Azalea And Nick Young Might Call It Quits

Iggy Azalea and Nick Young‘s relationship is on the rocks and people close to the couple say it’s hanging on by a thread!

Last week, video surfaced showing Young admitting to cheating on his fiancee with a 19-year-old over the summer. As you can imagine, Iggy was not pleased…

Iggy Azalea And Nick Young Might Call It Quits

The video, which was filmed by Nick’s Lakers teammate D’Angelo Russell, is said to have been filmed a few months ago.

And you wonder why athlete’s have a reputation for being cheating assholes…

Sources say the couple is “not on good terms,” but that Nick is desperately doing everything he can to try to save the relationship he ruined.

But here’s the thing, Iggy has defended Nick time and time again when rumors of infidelity came up and now she feels completely betrayed.

Their much talked about engagement is now up in the air while they figure out if the relationship can ever be repaired.

It would be one thing if he had cheated, but the fact that he cheated and let her shoot down rumors that he cheated to the whole world is pretty unforgivable.

Am I the only one whole thinks Iggy should kick Nick’s cheating ass to the curb? Tell me what you think the comment section below…

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