Iggy Azalea To Make MILLIONS Off Sex Tape!

Iggy Azalea To Make MILLIONS Off Sex Tape!Iggy Azalea may be making the big bucks now that she’s mainstream, but she could stand to make even more off an alleged sex tape!

Vivid honcho Steven Hirsch believes he has obtained a sex tape that the “Fancy” rapper recorded a while back with an ex-boyfriend.

According to Hirsch, this could easily be the next big celebrity sex tape, blowing Kim Kardashian‘s legendary video out of the water and making Iggy millions if she signs off on it’s release!

Hirsch has already contacted Iggy about opening up negotiations for a multi-million dollar deal.

There’s only one problem…

The woman in the video isn’t Iggy, according to her people.

Her camp says that not only will they not sign off on the tape, they will take legal action if the footage is ever released.

Would you guys watch an Iggy Azalea sex tape? If it is her, should she just cash in on the video since it will likely leak anyway?

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