Iggy Azalea & Rita Ora Reveal ‘Black Widow’ Music Video (Watch Here!)

Iggy Azalea & Rita Ora Reveal 'Black Widow' Music Video (Watch Here!)Iggy Azalea is at it again! The singer has taken on “Kill Bill” for her latest music video, “Black Widow.”

The clip follows the same movie-theme formula that worked so well with Azalea’s “Fancy” music video, but the question is: Does it work the second time around?

The Tarantino-esque video opens in a run-of-the-mill diner called Big Wanda’s, where Iggy is a waitress that has to deal with an asshole customer, played by Michael Madsen, and her seemingly timid girlfriend, Rita Ora.

Madsen’s character is just asking for spit in his sandwich!

The video then switches into full kung-fu mode, obviously drawing tons of inspiration from the Uma Thurman classic.

One issue I do have with this video is that there is no singing or dancing in it! I get it, you’re doing a Kill Bill parody, but come on it’s still a music video!

What made the Fancy video so great was that it gave us the iconic moments of “Clueless” AND actual singing. They mixed the two perfectly, creating a truly entertaining music video, but with this one the song kind of takes a back seat.

Black Widow isn’t bad, but if you want really good music videos from Iggy check out Work, Bounce and Change Your Life!

Check out the video below…

What did you guys think of the video?

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One thought on “Iggy Azalea & Rita Ora Reveal ‘Black Widow’ Music Video (Watch Here!)

  • August 13, 2014 at 12:53 pm

    I extremely enjoyed this film for its thought out plot and that fact that they got Michael Madson on the video! Iggy is talented and now we can see that she is more than a one hit wonder. The song is great and the music is very solid. The only thing that I would change is take Lady Gaga’s method of creating more of a short film type of video so that there is really more time to work with for an even better video and have this be kind of the side video for mainstream folks and what not. I give her a full 5 stars, however for this video.


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