Is This The Long-Awaited Cloverfield Sequel? (Trailer)

Holy crap, you guys! Did J.J. Abrams just surprise us all with the long-awaited sequel to Cloverfield!?

It certainly looks that way! The trailer for Abrams “10 Cloverfield Lane” hit the web today and everyone (including myself) is losing their shit over it.

Is This The Long-Awaited Cloverfield Sequel? (Trailer)

It’s been almost exactly 8 years since the release of the found footage monster movie and for 8 long years fans have been waiting for a sequel!

It seemed like nothing would ever come of the rumored follow up, but today everything changed… kind of.

“The idea came up a long time ago during production,” revealed Abrams in a statement. “We wanted to make it a blood relative of Cloverfield. The idea was developed over time. We wanted to hold back the title for as long as possible.”

Ah, so it sounds like this might not be a direct sequel. If it’s a “blood relative,” that might just mean that both films take place in the same universe.

Also, from the trailer it’s clear that the film won’t be going the found footage route, saving us all from the movie induced-headaches we got last time.

The film, which hits theaters on March 11th, stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead, John Goodman, and John Gallagher Jr.

Check out the trailer below:

What do you guys think? Are you excited for the film?

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