John Stamos Finally Got Charged For That DUI

Remember that time John Stamos was busted for being wasted behind the wheel back in June? Well, now it’s official, he’s been charged with DUI!

The L.A. County District Attorney threw the book at Stamos for one count of driving under the influence.

John Stamos Finally Got Charged For That DUI

The legal documents don’t say what Uncle Jesse was hopped up on during the June 12 arrest, but sources say it was GHB and another non-narcotic drug.

GHB, by the way, being the date rape drug… was Stamos drugged? Was he trying to date rape himself?

Well, according to John’s people he uses GHB as a fitness supplement. You know, to date rape his muscles, I guess.

This is the actor’s first offense so while the charge does carry a maximum of 6 months in jail, he’ll likely just get probation.

Plus I mean, come on you know the drill. He’s a celebrity. Celebs don’t do hard time.

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