Johnny Depp Cut Off Finger During Drunken Rage

The never-ending battle between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard rages on and more crazy evidence has coming to light!

Heard has presented photos that tell the story of an allegedly inebriated Depp accidentally cutting off some of his finger and painting all over a wall in BLOOD!

Johnny Depp Cut Off Finger During Drunken Rage

According to Amber, the incident went down in March 2015 during an argument when Johnny was drunk and high on ecstasy in Australia.

As things started to escalate, Johnny began smashing windows and glass bottles throughout their villa. Amber also claims that he broke one of the plastic house phones against a wall.

Amber says that during his outburst one of the broken items cut the tip of Depp’s finger off, resulting in a huge bloody mess! Check out the gruesome photos at TMZ.

Then Johnny took his bloody stump of a finger, dipped it in paint and wrote the name “Billy Bob” on a mirror.

Apparently, Johnny was accusing her of cheating on him with an actor named Billy Bob… Is he talking about Bill Bob Thorton?

Anyway, all of this happened only two months after the couple got hitched… It’s amazing the marriage lasted as long as it did.

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