Justin Bieber Was ARRESTED For DUI! (Mugshot)

Justin Bieber Was ARRESTED For DUI! (Mugshot)Oh My Freaking Gawd! It finally happened!

Justin Bieber was arrested early this morning for driving under the influence!

According to police, Justin was a mess during his arrest in Miami! They say he resisted arrest and screamed profanities through out the process.

Apparently, Justin blew a .04 which usually would not result in an arrest, but because Justin isn’t 21 years old it became an automatic DUI!

Law enforcement believes he was under the influence of both drugs and alcohol!

The singer was arrested not only for DUI, but resisting arrest without violence, drag racing (hi Ru) and driving on an expired license!

Bieber was held in custody at the Miami police department for sobriety testing and then transported to jail where he took his already infamous mugshot (see above).

It’s about time something happened to this train wreck!

I get it that he’s 19 and he’s just having fun blah-blah, but if his “fun” is drunk driving, drag racing, egging, graffiti-ing and being a complete douche… he should be punished for it.

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