Justin Bieber DENIED By Big Miami Nightclubs

Justin Bieber DENIED By Big Miami NightclubsPeople are getting really tired of Justin Bieber‘s shit…

Apparently the Biebz is NOT welcomed in Miami! Over the weekend ALL the big clubs denied the singer access!

Miami sources reveal that the singer’s people called ahead of time to reserve tables at LIV, Story, and Adoré while he was in town. Well things didn’t go so well because all three locations said NO!

Reportedly, Justin’s people begged the clubs, saying they would spend a ton of money on bottles if they let him in, but they refused.

The 2 main reasons why JB’s being turned down:

1. He isn’t 21! You can’t let underage people into clubs (even though they always find a way)!

2. The last time Bieber entered a Miami nightclub he was arrested for DUI. Which obviously doesn’t look good for the club.

SET nightclub is still recovering from the bad press resulting from Bieber’s low speed drag racing, DUI issue from last month.

He’s clearly not worth the trouble.

Can you imagine the temper tantrum Bieber threw when he found out he couldn’t go clubbing?

I think that it probably looked something like the gif below…

Justin Bieber

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