Justin Bieber Is Evolving Into Miley Cyrus! (Photo)

Here I present to you a classic case of life imitating art… The evolution of Justin Bieber into twerkaholic Miley Cyrus!

Justin Bieber Is Evolving Into Miley Cyrus! (Photo)

Yesterday, Bieber was seen entering a West Hollywood hair salon where he had his hair bleached platinum blonde. You know, because he’s a total bad ass you guys.

With his brand new look he really looks like Miley’s long lost twin sister! Or maybe he’s just channeling his inner Aaron Carter.

Wait… I think I’ve stumbled upon something here.

Yes, it’s so clear to me now! We all said Justin’s career would go the way of Methface Carter, but now through what I imagine to be Karma, he’s actually turning into him!

That’s what you get for being a tool… it’s finally caught up to you.

On the bright side, he still doesn’t look half as bad as when the human douche Adam Levine went blonde for a second.

What do you guys think of the Biebs’ new look? Hot Mess or Hot Yes?

Bieber Goes Blonde!
Hot Mess
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