Justin Bieber Is STILL Not Over Selena Gomez!

Justin Bieber Is STILL Not Over Selena Gomez! Despite the fact that they’re broken up and totally dating other people, Justin Bieber reportedly thinks that Selena Gomez is still the one!

According to reports, Justin believes that he’s destined to walk down the aisle with one girl and girl only, Selena.

What the hell!? Isn’t Justin banging Kendall Jenner? Isn’t Selena banging Zedd?

“Justin always talks about Selena when the topic of marriage comes up. He may hang out with a bunch of different girls like Kendall, Hailey [Baldwin], and his Miami babes, but he has said not once, but often that Selena is the only girl he’s ever been with who is marriage material,” explains a source.

“He wasn’t dissing the other girls, but he explained that they have a ‘soulmate’ relationship.”

Justin sounds like a crazy ex… time to lawyer up Selena, he seems determined.

“He says Selena knows him better than anybody else, except maybe his mom. He has talked to Selena about marriage, for sure, and about kids. He’s admitted that he’s never had that kind of conversation with any other girls.”

Uh yeah, maybe if you would if you actually took a second to talk to your ho-bag before you boned her.

It’s called chivalry, Justin.

Anyhoo, you know Kris Jenner is pissed about this. If anyone’s having Justin’s babies it’s going to be one of her girls.

How much do you want to bet that she’s already replaced all of their birth control pills with tic-tacs?

Good luck Justin, Mama Kris is watching…

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