Justin Bieber Being Sued For $100K

You know how they say you shouldn’t use your flash when taking photos of wild animals because it pisses them off?

Well everyone’s favorite douche Justin Bieber is kind of the same. So unless you want your phone jacked and destroyed don’t let JB see you snapping pics!

Justin Bieber Being Sued For $100K

Robert Earl Morgan learned this the hard way when Justin allegedly destroyed his cellphone at a Houston nightclub last month.

So this is how it all went down: Justin was cross-faded as f*ck having a good time and decided to try his hand at a beer bong.

Well according to Morgan, Bieber was clearly a first timer and totally embarrassed himself by spilling beer everywhere.

Then as Justin watched his “street cred” drop to the floor with all that precious booze he caught Morgan taping the whole thing.

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Bieber being the rabid little beast he is, grabbed the guys phone and smashed it into pieces! I can see it now: “Justin Bieber no like camera phone! Justin Bieber SMASH!”

Well now Morgan is suing JB for $100,000!

Why so much? Well Morgan claims he never got his SIM card back which means he’s lost every single picture, contact and sext in his possession.

Sucks to lose all your precious memories and business contacts, but hey $100K sure would turn my frown upside down!

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