Justin Bieber’s Calvin Klein Ads Are So Photoshopped! (Photos)

Watch out Beyonce… we’ve got a new photoshopper in town and her name is Justin Bieber!

Beliebers around the world shit themselves earlier this week when Calvin Klein released it’s new ad campaign starring the Canadian pop star in nothing but his underwear.

Justin Bieber's Calvin Klein Ads Are Photoshopped! (Photos)

Well now a screenshot from a video of the shoot is making it’s way around the web and it looks like the Biebz might not be as ripped (or hairy) as we thought.

In the screenshot we see Justin in a much more smooth state. His boobs and abs are way less defined and his happy trail area features only a small little strip of hair, unlike the photoshopped pics which show him with a lot more scruff.

Surprisingly, they resisted the urge to photoshop a thigh gap somewhere in there and for that I applaud them. That’s called progress people.

Check out Justin’s transformation from twink to hunk below…

Justin Bieber's Calvin Klein Ads Are Photoshopped! (Photos)

The Video:

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