Kaley Cuoco’s Ex Wants More Money!

And here we thought Kaley Cuoco was going to have the smoothest divorce in Hollywood history

Despite signing a prenup, like every soon-to-be-wed celeb should, the Big Bang Theory star may have just hit a bump in her divorce.

Kaley Cuoco's Ex Wants More Money!

Cuoco’s ex, Ryan Sweeting is reportedly seeking spousal support!

You’d think they would have taken care of all of that in the prenup, but maybe it’s a Kris Humphries (Remember Shrek?) situation.

But I mean, can we really blame the guy? This “tennis pro” has only one title from 2011 and is apparently only worth $2 million, while his former wife is worth around $45 MILLION!

The couple was married for only 21 months, but souces say the divorce was “a long time coming.”

“She realized she wants to be with a guy who has a job and is motivated,” reveals an insider.

Well not to be that bitch, but this is what happens when you get hitched to a guy you’ve only been dating for a few months.

I’m sure Kaley will be fine, especially with all that “Big Bang” money still rolling in, but you know it’s going to sting having to give up some of it so this loser can sit on his ass.

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