Kanye West Is STILL Denying Amber Rose Fingered Him

The more he rants about it, the more you know that it’s so true…

Kanye West is STILL denying Amber Rose‘s claim that he used to have her finger his ass during their relationship.

Kanye West Is STILL Denying Amber Rose Fingered Him

The rapper turned fashionista went off on Tuesday night at 1 OAK in LA, telling the huge crowd that Rose was a “liar” and said “that bitch never stuck no fingers in my ass.”

It’s seriously been weeks and talk of Kanye’s genius butthole is already old news. So why is he still going on about it? Let it go! What are you hiding?

“I don’t play like that,” Kanye added.

Then Kanye went in on Taylor Swift, saying that he specifically did get her approval of his verse, “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex. I made that bitch famous.”

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The rant went on for 20 minutes and included some praise for Jay Z and the streaming service Tidal.

If you havent heard, Kanye’s new album, which you can only get on Tidal, resulted in a doubling in subscriptions for the company.

But there was also a hilarious moment where Kanye asked the crowd if they were on Tidal and literally no one responded.

This resulted in even more ranting. Those poor, poor people.

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