Kanye West’s Ex-Bodygaurd Is Dishing All The Dirt!

As if we needed more proof that Kanye West is the biggest diva in the industry…

Former bodyguard Steve Stanulis (the guy West fired recently for speaking to his wife) is spilling all the messy details of his employment with the controversial rapper!

Kanye West's Ex-Bodygaurd Is Dishing All The Dirt!

According to the ex-NYPD cop, Kanye is a total nightmare to work for. Apparently, he throws tantrums regularly, doesn’t press elevator buttons and demands silence from his staff while in his presence… and that’s on a good day.

“I had to look after his toddler daughter once and it was so much easier than baby-sitting the father,” revealed Stanulis, whose past employers include Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire.

“I’ve been hired by a lot of high-end people but I’ve never worked for someone like him. He’s 10 times worse than what you see.”

Stanulis only lasted two weeks with West, but says that’s the norm.

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“I was told, ‘Don’t expect to last long. He goes through a lot of guys and some don’t even last the first hour’.”

As you can imagine, Stanulis’ first day on the job was anything, but pleasant.

“We headed to his music studio. When we got into the elevator Kanye just stood there with his arms folded and said, ‘Aren’t you going to press the button?’”

Because Stanulis isn’t a psychic he explained that he didn’t know which floor.

“[Kanye] flipped out, squealing that his time was precious and that he couldn’t believe I hadn’t called ahead to find out which floor he worked on.”

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“I was amazed by the amount of bizarre behavior I saw in just two weeks,” said Stanulis. “It is his world and everyone just exists within it. I don’t know how Kim [Kardashian] stays married to him.”

He also reveals that despite Kanye’s hatred of the paparazzi, he’s actually obsessed with giving them the perfect shot.

“He got annoyed because I ‘got in his shot’ once when the paparazzi were taking pictures. He absolutely adores the attention,” Stanulis said. “He is the most condescending person I have ever met.”

Here’s the thing, you can tell Stanulis is totally out for blood and not the payday.

I know he probably got a big check for telling his story, but I’m sure he makes more working for other celebrities.

He just wants to expose Kanye’s diva behavior… which I think we can all appreciate.

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