Kanye West’s SNL Freak Out Caught On Tape (Listen Here!)

Sometime things don’t work out the way you had planned, that’s just life. In moments like those I hope you look down at your WWYD (What Would Yeezus Do) bracelet and FREAK THE F*CK OUT!

Reportedly, Kanye West had a total meltdown behind-the-scenes during his “Saturday Night Live” appearance and now there’s got proof!

Kanye West's SNL Freak Out Caught On Tape (Listen Here!)

A sneaky source over at SNL recorded Kanye during his meltdown and has leaked the audio to the media.

Apparently, the rapper flipped a bitch when producers moved around some set pieces, throwing off Kanye’s rehearsal… how dare they!

Insiders say Kanye threatened to bail and started yelling at his team. It took a talking with Lorne Michaels and his poor wife Kim Kardashian to calm him down.

The recorded rant gets pretty intense and of course Kanye is completely ridiculous throughout. The idiot literally compares himself to Stanley Kubrick, the apostle Paul and Pablo Picasso. Okay Kanye.

Check it out below…

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