Katt Williams Has Gone Off The Deep End!

What the hell is going on with Katt Williams!? The comedian got his ass whooped after acting like a total crazy at a rap show last night!

The shit went down at the Trocadero Theatre in Philadelphia where Beanie Sigel, Jahlil Beats and Jadakiss were performing.

Katt Williams Has Gone Off The Deep End!

According to eyewitnesses, Williams was acting erratic, freestyling onstage, doing pushups (because why not, right?) and acting like he was going to fight someone for no reason.

Then, in what I imagine was a substance-fueled rage, Katt ran towards some guy on stage and hit him!

Despite being 5’5″, I’m sure Katt felt like a total bad ass… that is until the guy’s entourage tackled him to the floor and beat the crap out of him.

Luckily for everyone, no arrests were made. But something tells me that Katt’s internal bleeding and bruised ego might just be punishment enough… that is if he even remembers what happened.

Check out a video of Katt’s craziness below…

In case you haven’t been following the train wreck that is Katt Williams, he’s basically lost his shit.

Last week, he was arrested in Georgia for allegedly punching a store clerk who he claims used the N-word. A day before that, Katt allegedly held five women hostage at gun point. And later that week he got into a brawl in the streets of L.A.

Note to self (and all of you reading): STAY AWAY FROM KATT WILLIAMS!

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