Katt Williams Arrested For Salty Attack!

The never ending train wreck that is Katt Williams‘ life continues to spiral out of control…

The comedian was arrested last night in Atlanta after he got into it with a restaurant manager and ended up throwing a salt shaker at him!

Katt Williams Arrested For Salty Attack!

It all went down at a seafood joint called Spondivits, where Katt and his party decided to seat themselves instead of waiting for a host. What a dick.

When the manager came over to the table, Katt got aggressive and started arguing with him.

Then things really took a turn for the worse when Katt reportedly grabbed a salt shaker and threw it at the guy, smashing it right in his face!

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Katt fled the scene as the cops arrived, leaving the manager with a bloody lip. The police eventually found Williams later in the night and arrested him for battery.

He posted bond and was released from jail around 12:30 AM.

How is this idiot not permanently locked up? This is like the fourth or fifth arrest he’s had just this year!?

Come on legal system… get it together gurl.

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