Katy Perry Planning Major Taylor Swift Diss Track

Katy Perry is out for blood and will hold nothing back on a diss track targeting longtime enemy Taylor Swift!

Perry is currently working on her upcoming fourth album and rumor has it she has already written a “scathing response” to Swift’s hit song (and alleged Perry diss track) “Bad Blood.”

Katy Perry Planning Major Taylor Swift Diss Track

“Katy Perry’s new album is on the way and she’s been buried in meetings with her label execs over at Capitol to make sure it blows her competition out of the water,” an insider tells Radar Online.

“Katy has written a scathing response and intends to make it a single. It will reference some of the things she feels Taylor has done to play her peers against each other.”

Reportedly, Katy believes the single “Bad Blood” was a jab at her and that Taylor has done everything in her power to turn the industry against her.

Last year, Katy posted a shady little tweet which many took as an obvious reference to Taylor during her 2015 VMA Awards scandal with Nicki Minaj.

But even before that and before the “Bad Blood” single was released, these two were fighting over back up dancers and the fact that they’ve both dated John Mayer hasn’t helped things either.

So here’s the big question: Whose side are you guys on? Team Taylor or Team Katy?

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