Kelly Ripa Hates Michael Strahan Right Now

Get the popcorn guys, shit is going down over at LIVE! with Kelly and Michael!

Reportedly, Kelly Ripa is furious at co-host Michael Strahan after he revealed today that he would be leaving the show later this year.

Kelly Ripa Hates Michael Straham Right Now

Kelly apparently feels completely betrayed by Michael, who sources say was under strict orders from Disney not to tell anyone that he was moving to Good Morning America.

People close to the situation say Kelly believes she was the one who made Michael into the TV success he is today and thinks she deserved a heads up.

Also, it’s being said that the two hosts have never really gotten along. Apparently Kelly thinks Michael’s full of himself and totally disrespectful. She also hates that he has a big entourage that follows him around everywhere.

As you probably noticed, Kelly was absent on Wednesday’s show and insiders say she’s so pissed that this will likely be a running theme until Michael leaves.

What do you guys think? Is Kelly right to be pissed off at Michael?

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