Kesh To Sue Versace Over T-shirt Rip-Off

LA based artist Kesh is the victim of a MAJOR fashion rip off!

The artist made a splash back in 2013 when she created her own collection at American Apparel, drawing the attention of big celebs like Cara Delevingne and Wiz Khalifa.

Kesh To Sue Versace Over T-shirt Rip-Off

But now she is ready to sue Versace for totally stealing her shirt design and jacking up the price by hundreds of dollars.

Forget bitch stole my look, this is a case of bitch stole my idea and is making tons of money!

“Kesh is absolutely going to sue,” her rep reveals.

“This collection was made from the original artwork from my first solo show,” Kesh said in a statement. “A show that took [more than] two years to develop . . . This is also my face . . . being sold for $600 more than the original. It’s unacceptable.”

I’ve been following Kesh (not in a stalker way, okay maybe a little) for quite sometime and I must say she is one of my favorite artists.

I’m glad she’s standing up for her work.

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