Kesha Is Totally Broke!

This is truly some bullshit. After three years without work and a VERY expensive legal battle still waging on, our girl Kesha has completely run out of cash!

Yes, she’s had number one hits and sold out concerts, but lawyers are pricey and she doesn’t want to work with the man she claims raped her.

Kesha Is Totally Broke!

Reportedly, Dr. Luke has been withholding royalties from the singer for the past 3 years, so she literally has no income to support herself.

What a dick!

After a judge denied Kesha’s request to be freed from her contract with Luke and Sony on Friday, the internet exploded with support from fans and celebrities while #FreeKesha trended all weekend long.

Even Taylor Swift was feeling Kesha’s pain and wrote her a check for $250,000 to help with her financial woes.

I know, I know, I generally only refer to the almighty Lord of Darkness by her true name Satan Swift, but even I can admit that she did a good thing.

Anyhoo, Kesha’s battle continues as another court date nears to address the abuse accusations.

Good luck Kesha!

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