Kim Richards Avoids Jail Time!

Life isn’t all diamonds and rose for Kim Richards, but at least she’s not going to jail!

The former “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star has just struck a plea deal for her drunken arrest from earlier this year at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Kim Richards Avoids Jail Time!

Kim’s court ordered plea deal will include 3 years of probation, 52 AA classes and 30 days of community labor.

Kim’s lawyer (Doesn’t she live in her car? How is she paying this lawyer?) is pushing for community service instead of labor due to a foot condition she says she has.

As for future stays at the Beverly Hills Hotel, Kim has been officially banned from the iconic location… no more drunken shenanigans at the Polo Lounge for her!

It may seem like a tough judgement, but as long as she keeps her nose clean, she won’t have to worry about life behind bars.

I give her a week.

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