Kylie Jenner And Tyga Have Split!

Kylie Jenner has finally kicked her deadbeat boyfriend Tyga to the curb! And make things better, she dumped him on his birthday!

Sources close to the couple say that the split was explosive and it all went down yesterday when Kylie returned from Australia.

Kylie Jener And Tyga Have Split!

One insider reveals that the reason for the break up has to do with “something Tyga did,” but they wouldn’t explain what he had done.

Kylie’s apparently been feeling a lot of pressure from her family to leave Tyga, but whatever he did while she was away really pushed her over the edge.

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Also we know that Kendall Jenner was out last night having dinner and trashing Tyga with friends.

What do you guys think he did? I’m putting my money on cheating, but I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that he’s been pocketing some of that Kardashian Kash when no one was looking.

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