Kylie Jenner Is Losing All Her Friends

Kylie Jenner is so selfie-centered! The reigning Queen of Snapchat has reportedly become a “self-obsessed bore” and she’s losing friends because of it!

Sources are saying Jenner’s inner circle is totally over her, leaving the young reality star to rely on her boyfriend Tyga‘s friends for a good time.

Kylie Jenner Is Losing All Her Friends

“Kylie’s just way too full of herself and nobody wants to deal with it anymore,” reveals an insider. “Everyone jokes that Kylie’s head is so far up her own butt.”

“She spends most her time with Tyga‘s crew now, even when he’s not around.”

Even her sister Kendall Jenner‘s group of friends “are sick of Kylie tagging along and go out of their way to avoid her as much as possible.”

So what’s a girl to do? She must be pretty lonely now that people are actively staying away from her, right?

Nope! The source says Kylie is so preoccupied with herself that she doesn’t seem to care, or even be aware, that there’s an issue.

“She could care less about anyone else but herself!”

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