Kylie Jenner Still ‘Heartbroken’ Over Tyga Split

Kylie Jenner is apparently still mourning the end of her relationship with manchild ex-boyfriend Tyga.

Despite both parties quickly moving on from the split, sources say Kylie just can’t seem to get over the heartbreak… even after everything the 26-year-old put her through!

Kylie Jenner Still 'Heartbroken' Over Tyga Split

“Kylie has really been a complete mess this past week,” reveals a Kardashian insider. “She tries to pretend like she is this fearless human being and that nothing can faze her.”

“But, in actuality, she just got her heart broken by the first love of her life.”

But even with all the emotional drama, Kylie knows she can never let Tyga back in her life.

“Kylie does not know how to handle this, or what to do. But she does know that she never wants anything to do with Tyga again,” says the source.

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“She is taking back everything she ever gave him and she has already cancelled all of the credit cards in her name that he had access to. She does not want the jewelry he gave her any more. She wants no trace of him in her life.”

Since the breakup, Tyga has been spotted out with a few different women, including some model chick named Demi Rose Mawby.

Jenner on the other hand seems to have moved on with some other rapper named PartyNextDoor (what kind of dumb ass name?), but people close to her say they’re just a fling.

The source adds, “Everyone knew that this was going to happen and no one liked Tyga from day one.”

“The fact that he has been flaunting other women around so soon after the breakup is just completely disrespectful and it is making this situation much worse for Kylie.”

At least she has the brains to cancel all of the credit cards he has access to… he’s leached off her for long enough.

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