Lady Gaga Tapped For David Bowie Grammys Tribute

Lady Gaga was already booked to perform at this year’s Grammy Awards, but now the pop star has been chosen to take on the tribute of her idol David Bowie!

After Bowie passed on January 10, many wondered how the music legend would be honored at this year’s ceremony.

Lady Gaga Tapped For David Bowie Grammys Tribute

Ken Ehrlich, a longtime Grammys producer, revealed today that a number of celebrities wanted in on the tribute.

“Some [artists] might have made sense,” he explained in his interview. “But the vast majority didn’t.”

Ehrlich knew the best person to honor the late singer was non other than the already-booked Lady Gaga, who has long cited Bowie as one of her biggest influences.

“When I fell in love with David Bowie,” explained Gaga in an interview done right before the singer’s death. “When I was living on the Lower East Side, I always felt that his glamour was something he was using to express a message to people that was very healing for their souls.”

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Ehrlich says Gaga’s performance won’t be the opening act, but that it will last about 6 or 7 minutes and will cover “at least three or four” songs.

“[The performance] is going to be a true homage to who David was, particularly musically,” revealed Ehrlich. “But not ignoring his influence on fashion and pop culture in a broader way.”

Are you excited to see Gaga’s Grammys tribute?

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