Lady Gaga To Voice New Betty Boop?

Lady Gaga To Voice New Betty Boop?Could Lady Gaga be voicing the iconic cartoon character Betty Boop in an upcoming film?

According to leaked Sony emails (thanks Wikileaks), Gaga is in fact attached to Simon Cowell‘s attempt at the very first Betty Boop film.

“Lady Gaga is attached to voice Betty Boop & do some of the music,” reveals Columbia Picture exec Lauren Abrahams in an email.

The film will allegedly be an “animated live action hybrid” somewhat like “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Unfortunately, Abrahams does not seem too interested in the project. In the email she states, “Not sure really who it’s for in a big mainstream way.”

Columbia Pictures President Doug Belgrad adds, “It sounds kind of weird to me to be honest. I don’t mind if we don’t chase it.”

While I agree that the film doesn’t scream “mainstream” in any way, I think it’d definitely be something worth watching.

Plus Gaga’s proved that she can do up the old school jazz voice with her and Tony Bennett‘s “Cheek To Cheek.”

As of now no one has confirmed the news, especially since Sony is still really butt-hurt about this never-ending leak.

Would you guys be interested in watching a Betty Boop film? Or is it just me?

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