Lamar Odom Refuses To Go To Rehab!

So Lamar Odom‘s dumb ass is back to drinking and his family is worried he’s headed back down the path that almost led to his death last year.

Khloe Kardashian is desperate to get her troubled husband into an addiction treatment program, but surprise-surprise Lamar doesn’t think he needs it.

Lamar Odom Refuses To Go To Rehab!

Early on the morning of Easter Sunday, Lamar was spotted at an Irish pub in L.A. where he ordered a few drinks for himself.

Later that morning he went to church with his wife… probably hung over, like the rest of us on Easter.

Insiders close to the couple says Khloe’s is extremely worried about Lamar and has been pressuring him to go to rehab before things get worse.

But despite the fact that he has several family members that suffer from addiction and the fact that he almost died on the floor of a Nevada Brothel with drugs in his system, Lamar refuses to seek help.

Khloe has reportedly told friends and family that eventually “she has to stop trying” to save her husband.

Hey Khloe, I think it’s about time. Move on.

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