Lana Del Rey Broke Up With Ex In An Interview!

If you’re like me, sometimes you forget to your phone or wallet, but if you’re like Lana Del Rey sometimes you forget to tell your significant other of 3 years that the relationship is over.

Lana Del Rey Broke Up With Ex In An Interview!

Yupp, according to the singer’s ex-boyfriend Barrie-James O’Neill, he found out about their breakup via an interview she had done.

O’Neill says that one day he got a text from his cousin saying, “Sorry that you and the missus have broken up.”

“I was like ‘That’s news to me – where did you hear that?’ And it was on this website,” he revealed. “I’m thinking it’s a load of shit and gossip. But it wasn’t. That’s how I found out.”


“It all happened when I went to London, as she was staying for a few days,” O’Neill added. “But she couldn’t stay as she had to do a big interview in America for her new album which was coming out. I was just chilling out in the hotel and out the blue, I got a message.”

“She couldn’t say it to my face, but there’s no bad blood between us.”

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And while O’Neill was clearly hurt, he admits he understands why she left.

“Looking back, it was probably wasn’t easy living with me – I’m an insomniac and I have depression. I understand why she did it.”

“It was weird. Most of the time, I was saying, ‘What the f*ck am I doing here?’ But I tried to I think about being a protective boyfriend and making sure she got on stage every night.”

Damn, and we all thought Zayn breaking off his engagement via text message was bad…

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